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CaniBrands is proud to introduce you to our Retail Partner Program, designed to help supply industry-leading CBD solutions to your customers in-store and/or on-line.

Support Your Customers’ Wellness With CaniBrands CBD Solutions

Demand for CBD products is at an all-time high and growing rapidly year over year. CaniBrands is the go-to brand for the sports, fitness, and wellness community. Formulated by sport scientists and endorsed by professional athletes as well as celebrity influencers, our brand serves consumers at all times of day to support sleep, recovery, energy, mental focus, and clarity.

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How Our Retail Partnership Program Works

In-Store Program

By offering CaniBrands’ products in-store, your customers will have access to experience the extensive  benefits of our high-quality CBD formulations, each featuring a powerful blend of vitamins, nutraceuticals and herbal extracts.

We Offer:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Unique Forms of Product Dosing
  • 90% of our products are Vegan
  • High-Quality Ingredients, Vitamins and Nutraceuticals
  • Lab-Tested
  • Full-Service Support

On-Line Referral Program

CaniBrands also offers a unique Referral Program, in which you can drive revenue at  your location with no inventory needed and no costs. As a Partner, CaniBrands will provide top-shelf product collaterals and our extensive ambassadors and influencers as powerful marketing assets. 

Our unique referral model allows your facility to easily earn revenue without any costs – No inventory, no problem, all you need is our strong marketing assets. Your location will receive its own unique discount code that gives your members 25% off purchases at, of which you will receive commission for each purchase that uses your code!

Hybrid Model

CaniBrands also offers a unique hybrid model, in which you can experience the benefits of both the options above. With the hybrid model, you are able to offer your choice of products in-store, earning you direct revenue. While adding a referral program creates a stream of commission without the need for additional inventory, where you can direct your customers to for any other products they may be interested in.

Why CaniBrands CBD?

Plant-Based CBD

With more and more athletes including Venus Williams, Colin Kaepernick, Kyrie Irving, and ultramarathon runner Scott Jurek taking a plant-based approach to high performance, CaniBrands’ recognizes the growing role of plant-based therapeutics in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Vegan CBD is growing in popularity with CaniBrands at the forefront of plant-based CBD wellness. Just look for the Vegan symbol on our product pages:

Scientifically Backed

Our products are made to support a healthy active lifestyle. That’s why we employ some of the most advanced third-party lab testing of CBD products in North America. We ensure not only that our products are potent and effective, but that they’re free from heavy metals, pesticides and other impurities. 

We manufacture our products in a GMP-certified facility that is fully licensed to work with industrial hemp.

From softgels to topicals, our products are formulated with a powerful blend of cannabinoids, vitamins, nutraceuticals and herbal extracts – that really work better together!

Athlete Approved

Customers and professional athletes tell us the products “really work” to support energy, focus, recovery, management of everyday stressors, and sleep. Along with sublingual oils, softgels, topical balms and creams, CaniBrands provides an industry-leading line of convenient oral sprays that are easy to use and enable micro-dosing.

CaniBrands partners with professional sports leaders and celebrities to advocate for an all- natural approach to health and wellness, and to further research and develop industry-leading products to support consumers. In fact, CaniBrands products can be found in 3/4 of NHL dressing rooms, leading the company to be known as “the unofficial CBD of hockey”.

“CaniBrands makes it easy to take a natural approach to everyday aches and pain, sleep, focus, energy and all the things that happen for men and women — especially active men and women — over 40. The products combine sustainably sourced CBD with a blend of vitamins, nutrients and herbal extracts to support wellness of the mind and body.”

Partnership Ready

A private company serving the USA and extending to global markets via wholesale partners, retail stores, and direct-to-consumer sales, CaniBrands is setting the bar for quality in the nascent CBD market.


Our wholesale program is designed to allow retail businesses and independent entrepreneurs to capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD market by offering the CaniBrands line of premium CBD products, free shipping, marketing and sales support materials, and excellent customer service.

Our wholesale partners include:

  • Spas & Fitness Clubs
  • Holistic Health Practitioners
  • Health & Wellness Resellers
  • Pharmacies & Drugstores
  • CBD & THC Dispensaries
75% of NHL Dressing Rooms Have Players
Using CaniBrands Products
“The boost is amazing. Take it before every game. Just ordered some more. The sleep is good too. Having the spray on the nightstand is a game-changer.”
NHL Player, Boston Bruins
“The Cani-Sleep products are my favourite! I find it a natural way to get to sleep on time on those nights where my mind is busy and keeping me awake. My sleep quality is higher than any other sleep aid I’ve used, I sleep deeper and more relaxed and don’t experience any type of ‘hangover’ from the ingredients the next day. They have really helped me to get the rest I need to perform during hectic travel and playing schedules.”
NHL Player, Central Division
Customers Satisfaction & Loyalty
Our products ‘really work’ in a marketplace of many choices.


Yes, we’re happy to offer you and your staff some of our products to try out. Please fill out the form above and we will be in contact to coordinate.

Yes, in most cases we offer 50% off of our MSRP, and we are always willing to be flexible in order to get your customers experiencing the benefits of CaniBrands CBD.

When it comes to marketing collaterals, we have countless different options for your locations. Whether you’re looking for digital assets for social media or your website, physical posters or signage, or front desk displays – our vibrant branding and extensive ambassadors allow us to offer you eye-catching marketing collaterals.

Absolutely. There are several benefits to both of our retail models, and combining the two has proven very successful in a number of chains and locations. Retail stores, gyms, dispensaries, and medical clinics are finding it useful to offer some of our best-selling products on-site, and then providing customers with a discount code to purchase the other sku’s online. 

We are able to track referral sales through our Analytics platform. We will provide your location insights on each purchase made, so that you can see what sku’s people are interested in online, as well as who has boughten.

When it comes to paying out your referral commission, we are flexible to any payment method that suits you best. We typically offer monthly commission payout, so long as it meets the minimum of $100.