Former Head Strength Coach (NHL, NCAA, AHL) • Best-Selling Author • Motivational Speaker
“Having quality and reliable products is key in this new space where it very much still the Wild West. CaniBrands does a great job in ensuring they are 3rd party tested and have nothing but the best when it comes to producing products dealing with pain management and recovery.”
Justin Roethlingshoefer

More About Justin

Justin has 12+ years in the Sport Performance, Sport Science, Health, Nutrition & Fitness field. He has worked as a head strength coach in the NCAA, NHL, AHL, and runs a private camp for pro hockey players. He has written three books on mindset, body development & fitness that have been Amazon best sellers for their category.

Justin has a Bachelor of Science in Movement Science from Westfield State University and a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology from Louisville. He is a Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Association and National Strength and Conditioning Association certified strength and conditioning coach.

Justin's Favorite CaniBrands Products

Cani-Fresh Oil Extra

“I’ve tried a lot of CBD products and nothing has left me more clear, calm and free than the Can-i-fresh. Without stimulant or THC in it, it allows for my mind to be sharp and be fully present.”

Justin Roethlingshoefer, June 2020

Cani-Mend Fast Relief Balm

“I use Can-i-Mend throughout the day whenever I need it.”

Justin Roethlingshoefer, June 2020

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