Elite Trainer Andy O’Brien joins CaniBrands as Sport Science Advisor

TORONTO, March 5, 2019 – CaniBrands, a Canadian-based company entering the cannabis and hemp CBD markets across the USA, has appointed Andy O’Brien – Director of Sport Science & Performance for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and high-performance trainer to countless world-class and Olympic athletes – as its Sport Science Advisor.

As part of his advisory role with CaniBrands, O’Brien will contribute to the development of hemp-based CBD products that can support physical and mental performance for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that many people use to manage a variety of physical and mental conditions, including pain and inflammation. CBD is becoming increasingly prominent among athletes using it for medical purposes. O’Brien has been intently studying and applying scientific knowledge of CBD’s potential as a healthier long-term solution to pain and sleep management, as well as general wellness, compared to traditional pain relievers; many of which are in the dangerously addictive opiate family of drugs.

“The Endocannabinoid System (ECD) is an agile system that helps the body’s natural process to heal, repair, and adapt. Enhancing or supporting the ECS can indirectly affect other systems within the body, thereby addressing a variety of conditions. This is why we see CBD oil having so many different benefits, whether it’s energy, inflammation, sleep, recovery, mood, anxiety, and/or gut health.” says O’Brien. “I’ve come to believe the best way to address any aspect of health or performance is to consider the individual as a whole, rather than looking at each part in isolation. With this perspective, I see great promise, for the development of CBD related products to produce variable effects via the endocannabinoid system (ECS).”

As a world-class human performance specialist and advisor to elite professional athletes, Andy O’Brien persistently goes beyond the mainstream headlines to study the science behind health and wellness trends.

“Andy is incredibly knowledgeable about CBD-dominant products and how athletes are using them to support overall well-being and performance,” says Chris Lord, Chief Executive Officer for CaniBrands. “We are thrilled to have his insight as we develop CBD products that have potential to support focus, energy levels, pain management, anxiety and sleep.”

This spring, CaniBrands will launch a full suite of hemp-derived CBD products through e-commerce, including balms, creams, sublingual oils, sprays and vape products, in a range of experiences and outcomes:

  • Can-i-Boost: to improve focus and energy
  • Can-i-Mend: to improve repair and recovery
  • Can-i-Fresh: to refresh and revitalize
  • Can-i-Sleep: to improve sleep and rest

CaniBrands cannabis-infused THC and Full Spectrum products will also be on California dispensary shelves this spring, covering the same suite above with an additional Can-i-Buzz product for the recreational consumer.

About CaniBrands

CaniBrands is a next-generation cannabis and hemp-infused products company developing the full suite of experiences and product choices for the customer of today and tomorrow. The company is launching hemp-based CBD products online via our e-commerce platform serving all 50 states and also entering the California market early 2019 with a line of THC and full spectrum CBD products. The initial product lines include: ready-to-use vape pens with ultra-premium cannabis oil from California’s Emerald Triangle; topicals and sublingual oils made with raw, whole plant cannabinoids. For more information, visit www.CaniBrands.com

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