Dara Torres’ CBD Journey

“I have received so much support and interest since I announced my role as Chief Lifestyle & Wellness Officer and investor in the CBD company, CaniBrands (www.canibrands.com), the trusted CBD brand that combines a powerful blend of CBD, nutrients and herbal extracts, to support injury recovery, sleep and energy boost,. When I came on board, there was an influx of questions from friends and family and I quickly realized that there is still a cloud of confusion around CBD vs. Cannabis. This confusion and lack of real education is what motivated me to work with CaniBrands as they prioritize providing information to the consumer, not just selling product; while having a product that really worked for me.”

How did she become committed to using CBD and CaniBrands?

Dara discovered CaniBrands through the recommendation of a good friend and former training mentor, Andy O’Brien, Director of Sports Science & Performance for the Pittsburgh Penguins (who has since become CaniBrands’ Sport Science Advisor). Andy has been an advisor to CaniBrands since its inception; and was a pivotal contributor to the development of the formulations. It was through his guidance that the product suite evolved to have a powerful blend of CBD, nutrients and herbal extracts aimed at supporting sports injury recovery, sleep and energy boost.

“My commitment to using CBD came very organically to be honest. I have endured a lot of surgeries and post-surgical pain, inflammation and just general aches and pains of being a 50 year old mom who works out a lot. I am opposed to taking pain meds as I am always nervous about becoming fuzzy and the stories about easy addiction scared me.

This trial of CaniBrands really gave me relief. I was unsure if it was just my body feeling better over time or the products. So, I stopped using the products for a week and I realized it was in fact the CaniBrands that were giving me relief. It gave me comfort and confidence so I could get on with my day-to-day life feeling good. I was amazed at how it just worked for me and immediately wanted to share it with others. Being a woman in my 50s dealing with natural aches and pains of age really began to weigh on me. Finding a plant-based product line like CaniBrands really gave me my confidence back.

This success led to several conversations with the great people at CaniBrands about their mission, their vision and what my goals were moving forward. I knew I wanted to work with the brand.

I decided that not only did I want to help educate the world on how CBD’s helped me but also how CaniBrands was an early stage company with massive potential and I decided I wanted to become a vested equity partner. It was such an incredible feeling. I love being part of the team. Especially an underdog! The senior management of CaniBrands are so dedicated to creating a lifestyle brand that has the potential to be the next great CPG company.

I love sharing my passion and commitment to CaniBrands. I hope my story inspires you to become the best person you can be. Learn more about my story at www.canibrands.com/dara “–Dara Torres