CaniBrands Premium CBD Products with Nutraceuticals Enhance Fitness, Wellness and Sport Lifestyles

Consumers Take Charge of Their Health Using Effective CBD Products

WALNUT CREEK, CA Next-generation CBD consumer packaged goods company, CaniBrands has developed a full suite of experiences and product choices to support consumers in their day-to-day wellness goals. CaniBrands products are fast-acting and effective for specific outcomes such as energy, sleep, relaxation, full-body relief, and workout recovery improvement. CaniBrands is on the leading edge of wellness by offering CBD-infused nutraceutical products across the US via wholesale distribution and direct-to-consumer online shopping at

CaniBrands products include CBD-infused body balms, skin creams, and vitamin-packed sublingual oils and oral sprays in four positive experiences: Can-i-Sleep, Can-i-Boost, Can-i-Mend, Can-i-Fresh, creating the most comprehensive selection of experience-driven CBD-infused products. Delivering the first line of true nutraceutical CBD fitness, wellness, and sports products in the US, customers receive high-quality, experienced-based CBD products made with all-natural and nutrient-rich, plant-based ingredients. In addition to CBD isolate formulations, the company uses a low heat oil-pressed extraction process to produce full-spectrum CBD products that retain a more complete cannabinoid profile.

“Our customers are incorporating CaniBrands into their everyday lives and are very pleased with their results,” says Chris Lord, CEO of CaniBrands. “They are coming back to our e-commerce site and buying significantly more. It’s a testament to our trusted, high-quality products and our focus on the consumer.”


Since its launch in April 2019, CaniBrands e-commerce consumer insights have shown a very positive customer satisfaction rating of 93.5%, with a net promoter score of 61.2% which is double the industry average. In an industry known for its low brand loyalty CaniBrands’ repeat consumers are increasing their total cart size, demonstrating how they are embracing the products and extending into other experiences. CaniBrands continues to bring new and innovative consumer brands and products to market.

About CaniBrands Global

CaniBrands Global is a next-generation consumer products company that provides more choices, more experiences, more often to the emerging cannabis and CBD markets. With a growing family of lifestyle brands, including OMG Farms, Sonder and CaniBrands, the company manufactures and sells hemp-derived CBD products online across the US and has entered the California market with cannabis-based products. Initial products include: cartridge and ready-to-use vape pens, balms, creams, nutraceutical oral sprays, and sublingual oils made with raw, whole-plant cannabinoids and CBD isolate. For more information,


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