CaniBrands™ Extends National Brand to Retailers while Bundled Solutions Reach One Third of Sales

Morning-to-night CBD solutions with proven online demand seek new retail partnerships in ‘clicks to bricks’ expansion strategy

WALNUT CREEK, CA (BUSINESS WIRE)—July 9, 2020—CaniBrands, a next generation CBD company headquartered in Walnut Creek, California with a corporate office in Mississauga, Ontario, today announced its all-day sports, fitness, and wellness products are now being offered within a broader national retail footprint.

While Cani-Sleep™ continues to be CaniBrands’ best-selling brand, product bundles as a percentage of orders have doubled in the last 90 days and now represent over one third of CaniBrands’ customer purchases. High demand for product bundles demonstrates the consumer desire for Cani-Sleep™, Cani-Boost™, Cani-Mend™, and Cani-Fresh™, which offer solutions to help address common problems associated with sleep, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and energy.

Following its established e-commerce presence, social media influencer endorsements, and loyal online consumer following, major retailers such as Planet 13, the world’s largest cannabis dispensary, are enthusiastically embracing the company’s “morning-to-night” CBD solutions. Within the first month of CaniBrands appearing in the store, the products become one of the more popular of their CBD selection.

“We’re consistently seeing both retailers and end consumers responding positively to our CBD solutions. Our product suite, including our All Day Oral Sprays and AM-PM bundles, offer a structured approach to health and wellness throughout the day. In addition, these experiences provide the choice and flexibility of sublingual oils, oral sprays, gel caps, and topical creams and balms,” said Chris Lord, CEO of CaniBrands. “The successful history of CaniBrands products being sold online is now being transferred to the in-store environment and we’re looking forward to engaging new groups of consumers through this retail expansion.”

CaniBrands’ brick-and-mortar partnership strategy is driven by its proprietary Cani-Insights analytics engine that has identified key markets where current product sales are strongest. In the U.S., 71% of CaniBrands’ sales are in ten states. To capitalize on these geographic insights, the company is growing its retail sales force with up to 20 new part-time Cani-Champions in these prioritized markets, creating new jobs in the gig economy at a time when many parts of the U.S. are seeing record-high unemployment. These new hires are tasked with actively pursuing partnerships with stores, dispensaries, clinics, and spas while sharing the company’s “all-day wellness” message and value proposition.

USA retailers can contact CaniBrands at for more information about the company’s retail program.

About CaniBrands
CaniBrands is a next-generation CBD products company specializing in the sports, fitness, and wellness marketplace. Cani-Boost™, Cani-Mend™, Cani-Fresh™, and Cani-Sleep™ brands are “Better Together,” combining CBD, vitamins, nutraceuticals, and herbal extracts.

Customers and professional athletes tell us the products “really work” to support energy, focus, pain management, anxiety reduction, and sleep. Along with sublingual oils, softgels, topical balms and creams, CaniBrands provides an industry-leading line of convenient oral sprays that are easy to use and enable micro-dosing.

A private company serving the USA via wholesale partners, retail stores, and direct-to-consumer sales, CaniBrands is setting the bar for quality in the nascent CBD market. CaniBrands’ e-commerce platform and free home delivery system ships products nationally to thousands of customers coast to coast.

CaniBrands partners with professional sports leaders and celebrities to advocate for an all-natural approach to health and wellness, and to further research and develop industry-leading products to support consumers. Learn more at