CaniBrands announces plans to develop premium cannabis-infused products

CaniBrands announces plans to develop premium cannabis-infused products

Next-generation products for the consumers of today and tomorrow.

Toronto, ON: August 10, 2018 – Toronto-based CaniBrands™ is entering the adult-use markets with next-generation cannabis-infused products, providing consumers with choices for the common outcomes they wish to experience day-to-day from energy and focus, to fitness performance and recovery, to recreational buzz.

CaniBrands will enter the California market first gaining client feedback and insight to further develop premium ready-to-drink cannabis-infused beverages. Cani-Bev® will offer two initial experiences in the form of CanI-Buzz®, a THC-based alternative to alcohol, and CanI-Boost®, a CBD-based alternative to energy or caffeine drinks.

Over time, CaniBrands will expand their product line to fulfill more consumer lifestyle needs such as CanI-Mend® (repair & recover), CanI-Fresh® (refresh & revitalize), and CanI-Sleep® (sleep & rest). The company is also looking to expand into other states such as Nevada, Colorado and Oregon. Following legalization in Canada, CaniBrands aims to take its craft across North America.

CaniBrands is working with regional partners to source premium craft cannabis, and enable local bottling, marketing and distribution. In partnership with leaders in medical cannabinoid research and bioscience, CaniBrands is developing products that will be safe and fast-acting thanks to an innovative nanotization processes that create a more reliable, aesthetic product.


  • CaniBrands products target specific consumer needs who seek for various solutions at different times of day, in various choices of forms including beverages, editables and crèmes;
  • Precision based digital marketing capabilities connect consumers with amazing products and enable great customer experiences;
  • Brand Ambassadors aid in creating awareness and consideration rates;
  • CaniBrands products will be FAST acting enabled by Nano-technology and dehydration Innovation – for the consumers who want it now!
  • Ongoing extensive lab research and testing to ensure safety, performance and innovation.

“As the cannabis space becomes more sophisticated, so do customer demands and expectations. Our mission at CaniBrands is to create amazing cannabis-infused products that future and current consumers can trust and enjoy. Through research and development, end-to-end customer engagement and feedback, CaniBrands will drive product innovation and customer experience, contributing to the advancement of the cannabis industry as a whole.”

Chris Lord, Chief Executive Officer, CaniBrands.

About CaniBrands

CaniBrands is a next-generation cannabis-infused products company developing the full spectrum of experiences and outcomes for the customer of today and tomorrow. With a focus on the wellness-minded consumer, we’ve teamed up with precision digital marketing partners and professional athletes to tell the CaniBrands story and to collaborate on the development of our future line of ready-to-drink beverages and innovative products.

We partner with R&D and science-based organizations to create fast-acting products, using craft licensed producers and manufacturers, distributors, retailers, digital marketers and strategic ambassadors to bring the very best products and experiences to the emerging marketplace.

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