Fall asleep faster and stay asleep!

Quality sleep is an essential component of our immune system, general wellness and overall good health.

Cani-Sleep is available in 3 convenient forms – oral spray, oil or soft gel. Whichever you prefer, it is a fast-acting to give you a better night’s sleep and a more productive day.

Professional athletes and customers tell us this unique formulation of CBD with melatonin “really works” and is far superior to other CBD alternatives.

Cani-Sleep is all-natural and non-habit forming and targets all three key sleep phases: relaxation before sleep, falling asleep and staying asleep.

Take the sleep tracker challenge! Use a sleep tracking device before and after using Cani-Sleep. You’ll see the difference.


Formulated with 1500 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract, melatonin, hops and passionflower.

Experience the harmonious blend of our ingredients and their benefits, creating a one-of-a-kind effect only found with Cani-Sleep.

CBD Oral Spray

Formulated with 250 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract melatonin, 5-HTP and valerian root.

Find the freedom to easily self-adjust your perfect dose for consistent and measurable results every night.

CBD Softgels

Formulated with 750 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract, melatonin, roman chamomile and 𝛽-Caryophyllene.

Experience the rapid absorption of our Softgels. Precise, clean and convenient for you.


Our CBD oils are a powerful blend of broad-spectrum hemp extract mixed with MCT oil and active ingredients.
Our Cani-Sleep Oils are taken orally by applying drops under the tongue. Our oils provide quick and long-lasting effects within 30 minutes of consuming.

Easy-to-consume & fast-acting
Spearmint flavored
Most common CBD product on the market

CBD Oral Spray

Our CBD Oral Sprays are a powerful blend of broad-spectrum hemp extract mixed with vitamins and botanicals.
Our Cani-Sleep Oral Spray can be sprayed directly into your mouth and provides fast-acting effects through our convenient and unique spray technology.

Precise & measurable dose every time​
Spearmint flavored
Easy to take on the go & microdose

CBD Softgels

Our CBD Softgels are a blend of hemp-derived CBD, MCT oil and active ingredients packaged in a softgel.
Our Cani-Sleep CBD Softgels are taken orally. Our softgels provide users with a discreet and convenient method of consumption. Spacing Spacing.

Mess-free & convenient
Flavorless & Odorless
Precise & pre-measured dose

Hemp Derived CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate is the purest form of the cannabinoid CBD. CBD Isolate products contain 0% THC or other compounds from hemp plants.

CBD is extracted and vigorously refined to produce a stand-alone, pure product.

Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Broad Spectrum CBD contains many compounds found in hemp plants, with 0% THC. The Entourage Effect occurs with Broad Spectrum CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD is composed of terpenes, essential oils and other cannabinoids including: CBD, CBG, CBDV and CBDA.

What is the entourage effect?

The phenomenon resulting from the interaction of different cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils in
the plant working together to produce a stronger influence than any component alone.

Better Together

Our power blends are out strength.


Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced and released by our bodies.
Melatonin is released by our bodies in the evening, signalling to the brain that it is time to sleep.


L-5HTP is a naturally occurring protein that is produced in our bodies. 
L-5HTP converts readily to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for controlling the sleep and wake cycle.


Chamomile is the common name for the daisy-like flowers derived from the family Asteraceae. 
Chamomile is often used to make herbal infusions such as tea, widely used as a sleep aid.


Hops are the flowers that come from the plant Humulus lupus.
Despite being often used as a bittering agent in beer, hops are also known as a sleep aid and help with restlessness and irritability.

“It’s an incredible product.
Best natural sleep aid I’ve ever used by a mile.”

Paul Bissonnette, Former NHL Player & Co-host of Spittin’ Chiclets (1M+ Followers)
@BizNasty2point0 on Cani-Sleep CBD Oil Extra

“I have an issue falling asleep. Sometimes I'm up all night long and can't sleep. If you take one of the Softgels 30 minutes before you go you sleep, you will have an awesome awesome sleep.”

12x Olympic Medalist, NY Times Best-Selling Author, & Mom (422k+ Followers)
Dara Torres on Cani-Sleep Broad-Spectrum CBD Softgels

“Not only does this help me fall asleep, but I stay asleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.”

Reality TV Star (400k+ Followers)
@Astrid_Loch on Cani-Sleep Sublingual CBD Oil

What Our Customers Are Saying

You guys!!!! Can I sleep? you ask… YES you can! This is the face of someone who got a GREAT nights sleep!!! I have found the perfect CBD solution for my insomnia… @canibrands if you suffer from sleep issues, please do yourself a favor and give this a try.

I have seriously been loving the @canibrands Cani-SLEEP #cbdoil! It contains natural and effective ingredients … great for days when I’m stressed out right before bed or #jettlagged from travel!

I have been super open about my struggles with mental health specifically around depression, anxiety, and PTSD and how it affects my sleep. I have been so grateful that I found@canibrands and their CBD products. Their Cani-Sleep line has worked wonders for my irregular sleep patterns.

I am satisfied with the product I purchased and I think everything is priced fairly. I am excited to use more of the products that you guys have to offer. . .

Keene, New Hampshire

I use both the Cani-Sleep and Cani-Boost. Although I still wake up throughout the night, my mind does not seem to race as much so I am able to fall back asleep. . .

Boston, Massachusetts

So far I like the products! I like the convenience of the oral spray. I also like that the drops and spray don’t taste like crap like other CBD products I’ve used. . .

Lansing, Michigan

Haven’t slept this well in a while. The Cani-Sleep sublingual drops have helped me eliminate stress before going to bed and sleep through the night. . .

Brooklyn, New York